StockWave™ is a unique and highly novel data analysis software package designed for stock and options trading - it is based on a radical new way of looking at the stock market data analysis problem, one which appreciates the importance of all factors — it could be thought of as - "rocket science for the rest of us"

StockWave™ incorporates

  • Scientific Techniques

    We use advanced mathematical, statistical and computational techniques drawn from the disciplines of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. The main ingredients are -

    • Monte-Carlo Simulation
    • Neural Networks (Deep Learning)
    • Signal Processing (Fourier and Wavelet transforms)
    • Bayesian Probability Theory

    These raw technologies are combined to generate probabilistic predictions about future share price movements. There's nothing like it available on the market today!

    All analytical overlays generated by StockWave™ lie in the future, not the past. Above are shown examples of probabilistic predictions created by our advanced analysis techniques; this takes forecasting to a whole new level.

    The 'heatmap' shows the probability of where the price will go - the brighter and hotter the colour, the more likely the price is to be achieved; even though the calculation of probabilities is the best type of prediction that can be achieved, and exact prediction impossible, note how for this example we can start to see a faint future price trajectory appear - this is because our monte carlo simulations are not simple random walks, but also incorporate machine learning.

    The heatmaps are the basic building blocks of our method - once a heatmap has been created, StockWave will then find the precise trade which will maximise your profits based on a probabilistic analysis.

    Note also that our advanced techniques are created using a system of user interface 'wizards' pre-supplied with viable default values - so you don't need to be a maths geek to use them.

    It is important to realise that StockWave™ isn't technical analysis as currently understood — we don't do Bollinger Bands, candlestick charts, Elliott Waves, EMA, GANN, MACD, moving averages, parabolic SAR, RSI, stochastics, etc., — this is all just silly pseudoscience; neither is StockWave™ a kind of expert system based upon naive pattern recognition, i.e. identifying for example double-tops, ascending flags, head-and-shoulders, etc and then interpreting these as being indicative of reversals or continuations. This is not what we are about.

  • Sophisticated Trading Strategies

    StockWave™ opens up the world of derivatives trading for the private investor. You can generate probabilistic estimators for future share price movements then find optimal trading strategies that maximise your potential payoff using share trading, CFDs, spread bets and options in any combination.

    In particular, if you have found yourself attracted by the possibilities of options trading, but have been put off by the complications of it all, and especially the extensive jargon it uses - calls, puts, strangles, straddles, spreads, butterflies, condors, ratio spreads, collars, delta, gamma, theta, vega, implied volatility - StockWave™ is just what you need; it can find the, possibly very complex, trade which maximises your profits automatically, then tell you what this trade strategy is called, should it have a name.

  • An Easy-to-Use Interface

    Despite the large number of features, it is relatively easy to use, most controls being placed on or around our price charts - this lets the user see instantly what is going on, what works and what doesn't and what makes sense; in particular you will

    • See in clear, visual terms what you stand to make — or lose. This goes beyond the usual payoff graphs as these graphs are specific to your own probabilistic analysis.
    • Be able to monitor your trading positions and be alerted automatically so you don't have to become a full-time trader; alarms will be sent to your mobile phone if your trades begin to wander-off track or important news events occur. Risk exposure is thus precisely managed.

    The StockWave windows can be made freely-floating to be used on multi-monitor setups, or can be docked browser-style for small, single monitor configurations.